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The improvement of dust collector technology is of great help to the development of industry

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The improvement of dust collector technology has greatly helped the development of industry. The level of industrial development in China in the early days was relatively low. Although the development was relatively fast, it was just that the weight was not heavy, and the pollution was relatively large. The society paid insufficient attention to dust removal technology. Therefore, operators in many industries would have occupational diseases. Disposal of equipment, body mass decline, and product quality will also have an impact. Now the country is paying more attention to environmental issues and the development of green industry, so dust removal equipment has been developed rapidly.

    Nowadays, the process of industrialization in our country is accelerating, and the electric power, cement, and steel industries have developed on a large scale. The amount of flue gas emitted by them has increased significantly, and the environmental pollution caused by them has gradually become serious. Environmental protection problems have gradually received attention. The electric precipitator has a simple structure. , Low resistance, can handle high temperature and large flue gas conditions, and can reach the lower emission standards at this stage, so it is widely used in the power industry. Therefore, electric dust removal technology has gradually replaced the original dust removal technology and has been rapidly developed. Although the bag dust removal technology of the same period had a high dust removal efficiency, it was not able to be used in electric power, due to the lack of high-temperature filter materials and other factors such as the design of domestic bag dust collectors and the insufficient manufacturing level of dust removal devices, dust bags and other components. It is widely used in the metallurgical industry.

    There are many types of dust collectors. With the development of various advanced dust removal equipment, bag dust collectors are particularly widely used. They have replaced electric dust collectors in many industries and become the main dust removal method. And combined with advanced technology, the development of equipment will develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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