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Manually control the water filter

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  • Date of issue:2020/10/22
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Detailed introduction


How the screen works

Kc determines the rated flow through the filter element under the flow bar without resistance in normal filtration and backwashing conditions. The reasonable selection of Ke value for Yingkou water softening equipment can maximize the efficiency of the filter

working principle

The working principle of the manual control self-cleaning filter is the same as the YLDLS series automatic cleaning filter. When the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet reaches 0.04-0.10MPa, open the drain valve, shake the handle to clean the steel brush, and clean on the filter. Impurities. Then discharge through the sewage to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Close the valve and observe whether the inlet and outlet pressure gauges are normal. If the pressure is basically the same, the cleaning process is complete. In the state of sewage, the cleaning process does not need to be shut down, and users can use water normally.


The structure is simple, no differential pressure system, control system and power system are needed. Low cost, only two pressure gauges can replace the difference

Pressure device, a handle replaces the control system and power system

Maintenance is easy and low cost. Wide applicability, regardless of whether there are power and electrical maintenance personnel, can be installed and used

Safe and reliable, the failure rate is very low; the filtering accuracy is high

The cleaning process does not need to be shut down, which can ensure continuous flow and small pressure loss

Suitable for high impurity content and harsh working conditions

Ls series water filter installation form diagram

The polyester filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, vinylon filter cloth and stainless steel screens of various specifications produced by our company are widely used in smelting, chemical, sugar, mining, petroleum, ceramic food, aerospace and other industries The department has obtained obvious technical and economic benefits and is very popular. The monofilament filter cloth has the characteristics of being folded, not easily deformed by compression, and the surface of the filter cloth is smooth. It can be used on plate and frame filter presses, disc filters, belt filters and centrifuges.

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