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Laminated filter

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Detailed introduction


working principle

Yongli automatic backwash laminated filter is a new generation of filters with stronger reliability and higher working efficiency. The machine is composed of several filter units. Its unique cyclone centrifugal separation and three-filter quick-washing design make the filtration and anti-cleaning effect reach the best, and minimize the system water consumption and pressure loss, and reduce the system operation and maintenance costs.

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Filtering process

The piston (5) compresses the laminated stack (4).

When the raw water enters the tangential water inlet (1) of the main body of the filter unit into the swirl channel (2) of the main body of the unit, the centrifugal effect produced by the Yingkou water treatment equipment keeps most of the impurities (3) in the water away from the lamination group to achieve primary swirling separation .

The water carrying a small amount of impurities after being separated by swirling flow continues to enter the three-dimensional space between the gaps of the laminated group (4) from the outside to the inside through the gaps between the laminates for deep filtration. At this time, larger particles of impurities are blocked outside the laminates, and more Small impurities are trapped in the laminated stack.

The filtered water enters the main pipeline from the purified water outlet (6).

Anti-cleaning process

The standby unit is turned on and the system enters the anti-cleaning state.

During reverse cleaning, the piston (5) is lifted up, the laminated stack (4) is loosened, and the water inlet of the unit body is closed.

The backwash water (with pressure after filtration) is sprayed from the water purification port (6) through the inner core vertical nozzle along the circumference tangentially, so that the loosened laminations produce high-speed rotation and longitudinal vibration, and the water flow (7) overlaps The sheet is thoroughly cleaned, and impurities and backwash water are discharged from the sewage outlet (8).

When the cleaning of one unit is finished, the piston (5) is compressed again to start a new round of filtration, and at the same time the next unit enters the backwash state. After all the units are backwashed, the standby unit is closed and the system backwashing process ends.

The patented design of the unique unit main body swirling channel uses the filtered water to produce the swirling separation effect, so that large particles of impurities are thrown away from the stack, and the frequency of back cleaning is reduced: more than 10 times, and more water saving.

10-35 cross throttling between the laminations causes the impurities to produce micro-flocculation, which has the dual effects of multiple filtration and deep condensation filtration.

The laminated filter element can be quickly compressed and released to achieve the purpose of thorough filtration and fast backwashing, and it is a completely independent unit backwashing so that each good piece is thoroughly washed during high-speed rotation.

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Phone: +86-0417-3834218

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