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Laminated filter

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Detailed introduction



LS series automatic and semi-automatic self-cleaning water filter is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving water treatment products developed by Yingkou Huilong Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. on the basis of absorbing the most advanced water filtration system technology at home and abroad.营口Softening equipment

  LS series water filter through continuous optimization design, realizes the optimal selection of different forms of filters to filter media under different water quality environments, to ensure that the water supply is not interrupted during the backwashing process, and fundamentally solves the problem of the old filter in actual operation. The single adaptability of the water quality environment results in unclean cleaning and clogging of the filter screen, resulting in the disadvantage of the filter cake that must be shut down frequently for maintenance and cannot be supplied normally. The intermittent drainage structure of the QDLS filter ensures more thorough cleaning under low pressure conditions, and the PLC torque control safety device makes the equipment operation safer and more reliable. The new variable clearance of QDLS filter broadens the applicability of direct filtration equipment in various industries and various water quality conditions, effectively ensuring high precision, and realizing 100% filter surface cleaning under low pressure water supply environment. Automatic opening and closing cleaning and sewage system, completely realize unmanned operation, stable and reliable operation.

  LS series water filters are widely used in water supply systems, cooling water circulation filtration systems, and wastewater treatment systems in industries such as electric power, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food, agricultural water-saving irrigation, and municipal water use.


Small size, large filtering area, less land occupation, saving investment;

Fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual button type, manual cleaning. (Users can choose according to their needs);

Continuous flow during the backwashing process does not affect the normal operation of the system;

Filter media (metal V-shaped cross-section wedge mesh, metal wire woven mesh, multilayer metal mesh, and elastic filter set) can be selected according to the water quality environment to achieve the best cleaning state;

The filtration accuracy can reach 20 microns;

Backwashing is reliable and has a variety of control methods: PLC program control, pressure difference control, time control, manual control, etc.;

Easy to install, according to site conditions, you can choose a variety of models and installation methods;

High degree of automation, long service life, compact structure;

According to water quality requirements, all stainless steel can be selected.

Basic principle-filter cleaning procedure

When the water flows through the water inlet and enters the filter through the filter screen, it flows out from the water outlet, and the outflow water reaches the standard required by the user. The dirt is discharged from the drain valve with water during cleaning. The type, size and structure of the filter can be determined according to different uses, flow, pressure, precision, media conditions and the standard requirements of filtered water.

When water flows through the filter screen, the impurities in the water are blocked on the wall of the screen. When it accumulates to a certain level, a pressure difference will occur at the inlet and outlet of the filter. When the pressure difference reaches or exceeds the set value, the sewage valve opens to discharge the sewage, ( If it is a ZDLS <semi-automatic multi-column type filter, the cleaning device is operated by manual inching button), after a period of sewage discharge, the sewage valve is automatically closed. If it is a QDLS full-automatic filter, when the pressure difference reaches a predetermined value (generally, the normal anti-cleaning reservation value is 0.02-0.16MPa), the motor will automatically start to drive the cleaning device to work, and the electric sewage valve will automatically open to discharge the sewage. After one cycle of sewage discharge , The motor automatically stops running, the drain valve is automatically closed, and the cleaning time lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. During the cleaning process, the drainage volume is very small (usually 1-3% of the system water supply) and the system is constantly flowing, and the user terminal is operating normally.

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