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YL-D series water filter

  • Classification:Automatic water filter

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  • Date of issue:2020/10/22
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Detailed introduction


Technical parameters and dimensions

YL-D series filter performance characteristics


working principle

The water to be filtered enters the filter through the water inlet, and the Yingkou water softening equipment filters outward through the filter. The impurities are blocked on the inner wall of the filter. When the impurities on the filter continue to increase to form a filter cake, it will be at the filter inlet There is a pressure difference between the outlet and the outlet. When the pressure difference reaches a certain value, the pressure difference controller starts to give a signal, the drive device is powered on, and the sewage suction nozzle is driven to reciprocate and open the sewage valve at the same time. In this way, a negative pressure zone is formed between the clean water inside and outside the filter and the inside of the suction nozzle and the sewage pipe. The impurities are discharged through the suction nozzle and the sewage pipe through the sewage valve under the pressure of the negative pressure backflushing water. When the dirt on the filter is After cleaning, the pressure difference disappears, the control system shuts down the drain valve and the drive device, and the system starts another working cycle. When the water quality is poor and the water contains a small amount of oil, a high-pressure water spray or brush auxiliary system can be selected to completely peel off the impurities from the mesh wall.

Functional characteristics and technical parameters

The mesh cylinder is made of V-shaped stainless steel wire wound with the tip outwards or multi-layer composite mesh (selected by the user to provide water quality and specific technical conditions), both of which are typical flat filtering forms, which have correct filtering and positive Reverse cleaning fluid characteristics, impurities are easy to peel off from the mesh wall during forward and reverse washing, and the mesh will not be stuck.

The use of multiple suction nozzles to suck and scan the sewage can completely remove impurities on the surface of the filter and achieve 100% net surface cleaning.

a. Multi-nozzle sucking and scanning sewage discharge is adopted. Multiple nozzles are arranged within the effective range of the filter screen. The nozzles move in a reciprocating spiral motion during cleaning. Each nozzle is responsible for cleaning a part of the filter screen. Work independently, with consistent cleaning pressure.

b. Because the suction nozzle of this series of products is spirally reciprocating, the suction nozzle will not be jammed, and the suction nozzle and net cylinder will not be deformed or damaged.

c. Because of the thorough single cleaning, impurities are not easy to scale on the mesh wall, the cleaning interval is long, the mechanical wear is small, and the service life is long.

The PLC control system is adopted to realize the compatible conversion of differential pressure control, time control and manual control to achieve truly fully automatic control, and is equipped with a remote control interface.

The inherent pressure loss is small and maintenance-free at ordinary times.

Direct installation online, no civil construction facilities are needed.

Use range

Recycling: It is especially suitable for industrial water filtration and reuse in steel metallurgical systems, chemical systems, electric power, and automobile manufacturing. Coolers, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, water supplement systems, direct current systems.

Protect the safe operation of equipment and reduce maintenance: protect nozzles, water pumps, ion exchangers, etc. Avoid blockage of important facilities such as pipelines and nozzles.

Water supply scope: river water, lake water, well water, surface water source and groundwater filtration.

Wastewater treatment: municipal wastewater reuse, etc.

Selection instructions

When the water quality is poor and the water contains a lot of white pollutants and larger solid objects, a pre-coarse filter device can be selected. Add (C) after the original model. For example: QXLS500-1.6/0.2 (C)

When low-pressure water supply or water contains a small amount of oil and viscous impurities, the cleaning system should be equipped with auxiliary cleaning devices. Add (S) after the original model, for example: QXLS500-1.6/0.2 (S)

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