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Multi-column self-cleaning water filter

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When the water to be filtered enters the inside of the filter cartridge from the inlet pipe and is filtered from the inside to the outside, the impurities in the water to be filtered are blocked in the filter cartridge, so the filtered clean water flows to the outside of the filter cartridge and passes through the outlet pipe to the end user. Due to the continuous filtration, the impurities on the inner surface of the filter cartridge are getting thicker and thicker, making the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet higher and higher. When the pressure difference reaches the set value (the setting range of the pressure difference is 0.02-0.16MPa ) The differential pressure device sends out a signal to turn on the drive device, start to rotate, and open the drain valve. After the driving device is started, it drives the indexing mechanism to move, and drives the sewage backwash suction nozzle to perform intermittent movement. When the sewage backwash suction nozzle corresponds to the filter cartridge, the suction nozzle has a certain intermittent residence time (generally set to 1-3 seconds), so that the impurities in the cartridge are fully discharged under the pressure of the backwash water. Then clean the next filter cartridge. When a cleaning cycle is completed, the sewage system stops. Wait for the next cleaning cycle. The entire system can ensure normal water supply during backwashing and sewage discharge.



■ The filter cartridge is made of stainless steel, and the filtered impurities can be evenly distributed on the inner wall of the filter cartridge during filtration, and the impurities can be uniformly discharged instantly under the impact of the negative pressure water flow during cleaning; ■ The filter cartridge adopts a V-shaped cross-section net with the tip outwards Drum (not to be cleaned by NetEase) ■ Intermittent positioning of sewage, scientific calculation of the discharge time of a single net drum, a single time to 100% of impurities, long life of the whole machine, less water loss; ■ Advanced PLC intelligent control system, Realize PLC torque automatic control protection, make the equipment operation safer, continuous and reliable; ■ The inherent pressure loss is small, and it is usually maintenance-free. In the clean circulating water filtration system, the working pressure can be normal operation if the working pressure is greater than 0.3MPa. ■ The filtration accuracy is greater than or equal to 0.1mm, and the maximum flow rate of a single machine can reach 5000M3/H (super large flow rate can be specially designed by our factory)


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